S OLOD-EXPO company started its activity in 2015. Since then, we have been engaged in the production, processing and export of quality licorice roots. This roots come from the licorice plant and has been popular for its medicinal properties for more than 5 thousand years. Initially, the licorice plant grows in the Mediterranean region of Asia minor and Central Asia. Currently, it is distributed in the North Caucasus, Crimea, southern Europe, Kyrgyzstan, Western and Eastern Siberia, and Uzbekistan. The company's headquarters is located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Both machinery and manual labor are used to collect the roots. Licorice roots after collection are cleaned from the ground and washed with cold water. After that, the roots are cut at the request of the client, folded and dried in natural conditions to a humidity of 12%.

  • “Licorice root is taken for bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cough and other inflammatory diseases of the chest. It is effective for the treatment of metabolic disorders and normalization of blood pressure.”

  • “It is used for diseases of the female reproductive system. Heals skin diseases, dermatitis and other allergic reactions. An effective remedy for inflammation of the genitourinary system, kidney and adrenal diseases.”

  • “Due to the content of numerous plant compounds, licorice root is included in almost all face creams in the "anti-aging" program. The anti-aging and whitening effect of the plant is used.”

  • “It is also used for skin prone to acne and pimples. In this case, its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and regenerating properties work.”

  • “For hair, it serves as an effective remedy against hair loss, cross-sections and weakness. On thin, burnt and dyed hair has a revitalizing and enveloping effect.”

  • “ Licorice root is also in great demand in the food industry. It is added in the manufacture of flour products, as well as products such as cocoa and coffee, compote and jelly, caramel, halva, pastille and chocolate.”

  • “In addition, it is used for optimal whipping of egg whites, is a flavoring additive in fish processing, and is also used as a foaming agent in tonic and soft drinks.”

Licorice root has a strong immunomodulatory effect, increases the body's resistance and has a strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effect. Licorice is used for a number of medicinal products, including:

Root powder

Complex licorice root powder is a fine, dry powder of greenish — brown or yellowish - green color, with a bittersweet taste and smell of dill. Acts as a laxative. Helps to cope with constipation and hemorrhoids. It is a source of glycyrrhizic acid, which makes it possible to use it in the therapeutic nutrition of patients with diabetes.

Licorice syrup

Licorice syrup has an anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, reduces the appearance of platelets. The presence of biologically active components enhances the secretory function of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, thereby facilitating expectoration. It has regenerating and antispasmodic properties.

Licorice extract

Licorice extract has a number of active ingredients and properties, due to which it is widely used in the production of cosmetics. Here are just a few reasons why licorice root benefits your skin: it helps with hyperpigmentation, it is a powerful antioxidant, ingredient for combating ultraviolet light, and it protects your skin with lycochalcone A.


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